He is a lawyer and former, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 16:42. Big City Greens is an American animated comedy and adventure television series created by the Houghton brothers that premiered on Disney Channel on June 18, 2018. Because of her job, she often does not have time for fun unlike Cricket and Tilly, as she often has to work. [2] The theme song was written and performed by The Mowgli's, and on July 28, 2017, a sneak peek of it was revealed at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con and was uploaded to Disney XD's YouTube channel on the same day. She mostly communicates through grunts and growls. Cricket Green | The first episode of #BigCityGreens will be available to watch on @DisneyNow THIS FRIDAY!! She also sees through Cricket's anxiety and blushing, concluding that he has a crush on Gabrielle, a girl who asked him to share a dance with him.

Powers/Skills Full Name Gloria willingly assists Cricket in successfully retrieving the bag, but the two are forced to go into hiding when Gloria's rival Chip Whistler goes on a manhunt to take the coffee beans for himself. They find temporary sancutary in Gloria's apartment, where Cricket learns that Gloria is very similar to him as she did not grow up in the Big City, rather in the suburbs; she also reveals that like Cricket, she also wants to feel like she belongs in the city. [6] On May 17, 2018, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the series would premiere on Disney Channel as part of Disney Channel's GO!

While working at Big Coffee, she also wears a brown cap and apron.

Overtime, Kevin doesn't show up, causing Gloria to become worried, and after Cricket is turned down by Gabrielle from sharing a dance with her, Gloria also comes to the conclusion that Kevin will not show up. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Gloria_Sato?oldid=2022012. The series was renewed for a second season by Disney Channel on May 17, 2018. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ponytail (by Chip Whistler)

After losing his farm in the country, Bill Green and his two children, Cricket and Tilly, move in with his mother Alice (Grandma), who lives on a small farm in the middle of a big city, aptly named Big City. [9] Additional new episodes premiered on This Week mornings at 10:00 AM throughout the summer. Overtime however, she begins to become more optimistic, as Cricket's antics actually help her in many ways, such as allowing her to see Parade Day for the first time, and even learning what it means to be a team. The Green family might not be perfect, but they’re positive, supportive, and optimistic no matter the situation. She is voiced by Anna Akana, who also voices Sasha in Amphibia. [14], A multiplayer game titled Big City Battle!, where players compete against each other in order to earn a place as a member of the Green family, was released on the DisneyNOW app.

In "Parade Day" Gloria reluctantly allows Cricket to take a 15 minute break right when the coffee shop begins to get busy, and is unable to keep up with the customers' demands. He gets fascinated by every new discovery in Big City. Russell Remington (voiced by Colton Dunn) is Remy's father and Rashida's husband.

While working at Big Coffee, she also wears a brown cap and apron. Ms. Cho (voiced by Anna Akana) is the owner of Big Coffee and Gloria and Cricket's boss. Hobby When the Greens arrived and moved in next door, her life began to take a turn for the worst when the family (especially Cricket) began causing chaos which extended to the coffee shop. Goals She wears a pink t-shirt, purple pants, and black flats. Cricket (voiced by Chris Houghton) is a trouble-making country boy who is always barefoot. Cricket later apologizes and "sacrfices" himself to allow Gloria to take her break and see the parade for the first time since moving to the city. Gloria has a slender build with blue hair tied into a ponytail and purple skin. Kiki, Weezie, and Benny (voiced by Monica Ray, Lamar Woods, and Luke Lowe respectively) are a group of kids that frequently play with Cricket, Tilly and Remy. Type of Hero

Both Cricket and Gloria decide that they will end up sharing a dance with each other instead of their crushes, since the two of them are friends. Origin The adventurous life of Cricket Green, a country boy who moves with his family from their rural farm to a modern metropolis.

She finally speaks in "Chipwrecked". Unlike Cricket and his father Bill, who have a more optimistic view in life, Gloria is more pessimistic. Painting In addition, Big City Greens shorts began airing on Disney Channel and the Disney Channel YouTube channel on June 4, 2018. Remy Remington (voiced by Zeno Robinson) is Cricket's best friend whom he meets shortly after moving to Big City. [2] The series was later renamed to Big City Greens on July 24, 2017. That's 10 days before the series premiere on @DisneyChannel, June 18th! Gloria also has an artistic side, as evidenced in "Paint Misbehavin", where she expresses her negative thoughts through abstract art. She is the Barista (and only employee) at Big Coffee, a coffee shop located next door to where the Green Family lives. Friends/Allies [3] On May 17, 2018, it was reported that Disney Channel had ordered a second season of Big City Greens ahead of the series' debut. Common Sense Media's Emily Ashby praised the series for its characters and themes, writing that "despite mining familiar stereotypes of rural dwellers, the show has strong family-centric themes and silly, lighthearted laughs". Tae Kwon Do

Gloria has a slender build with blue hair tied into a ponytail and purple skin. Gloria's pessimistic views start to diminish overtime after Cricket begins working at Big Coffee (due to damage he caused in "Criterball Crisis"). [13] Bekah Burbank of LaughingPlace.com praised the series' characters, stating that "While the mischief and antics are super silly and completely ridiculous, the characters themselves are quite fun. Everyone could benefit from spending a little time with this wacky family". College Student (formerly)Art Student (formerly)Barista at Big City Coffee In "Coffee Quest" Gloria is relieved to learn that Cricket is about to fully pay off his debt to the coffee shop and leave, but he must first preform one last task and retrieve the last bag of coffee beans before any of the rival coffee shops gets it. After narrowly escaping Chip a second and final time (which Gloria kicks him, causing him to regain his namesake chipped teeth), Gloria comes to realize that without Cricket, the Coffee shop won't be the same and that she won't have a sense of fun anymore, as a result the two destroy the coffee shop (with Gloria pretending to be a victim) so that Cricket can remain working there. Chip Whistler In "Critterball Crisis", after being fed up with the Green's antics, Gloria takes drastic measures and steals the "Critterballs" from Cricket and Tilly, causing a massive war that nearly results in Gloria losing her job. Summer on June 18, 2018.

With Chris Houghton, Marieve Herington, Bob Joles, Artemis Pebdani. Because of their two differing personalities, Gloria and Cricket initally had a rocky relationship.