Estimates believe 100 million people died during this time, which was half the world population. SS Hankow, a Hong Kong paddle steamer, pictured in harbour shortly after a fire gutted her interior, claiming 100 lives. PolitiFact simply said there was no way that Smith, whose son Sean Smith died in the Benghazi terror attacks, could have known for sure if Clinton was lying: When the review of what the survivors of the four men lost in Benghazi said was finished, PolitiFact merely threw up its hands, claiming that none of these grieving relatives can really be trusted as reliable providers of fact. Obviously people can interpret such a fact as they see fit, but Snopes promotes themselves as a fact-checking news site, so it’s not their role to determine what this fact means nor present hypothetical scenarios by which it might not be true. PolitiFact archives a version of the “Half True” fact check. And during this season of fear, too many of us — Democrats and Republicans, politicians, journalists, and citizens — fell silent. Stalin approximately killed 20 million of his own people. Pump House Explosion, Lune/Wyre Transfer Scheme, Illinois Steel Company coke oven explosion in, Public Service Electric and Gas Company plant explosion in, Triumph Explosives Company plant explosion in, Gas explosions from an underground shopping mall in, Jones and Laughlin Company blast furnace explosion in, American Sheet & Tin Plate Company explosion in, Truck filled with dynamite explodes in downtown, Swift & Company plant explosion in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Export Box and Sealer Company explosion in Detroit, Michigan, United States, Sporting goods store explosion in Moscow, Russia, C. N. Romaine & Brothers fireworks factory explosion in, American Sugar Refining Company plant explosion in, Western Cartridge Company plant explosion in, Harlan-Morris Manufacturing Company plant explosion in, Nubian Paint & Varnish Company plant explosion in Chicago, Illinois. It doesn't matter who they killed, why the did, how they did it or even how many. Acres length of the bodies, more then half still moaning and attempting at life, were still impaled.

Others believed it was punishment dealt from Heaven for leading sinful lives. This list does not include bombings, aviation incidents, or, This section lists peacetime shipping disasters only. The mass shooting victims mean nothing to him. When the heck will he stop ruining the Middle East. PolitiFact didn’t like Romney’s figure on the number of women who lost jobs under the Obama economy even though it was true. And for more trivia to blow your mind, check out these 50 Incredible "Did You Know" Facts That Will Astonish You. He isn't doing what he thinks is right he's doing what will benefit him. Hitler however, this guy was as bad as it gets. George Soros is just a puppet of the Rothschild's who's entire family should be on the list for the dirty deeds they committed. I think some people think he was just a myth because of the tie in to the Dracula movies.

Plus, Cambodia doesn’t have a lot of people, and he killed 1/3 of their population, so... How is Pol Pot number 8? Accidents with at least 10 deaths. Homophobic, faked being trans, endorses rape, bad music, manipulative, attention seeking, fake. The available area was used for animal husbandry and meat consumption throughout the region increased. He came to power slowly and had to eliminate many contenders and people he thought were going to ...more. This was in his new realm, not the Ottoman Empire. This is a list of accidents and disasters by death toll. She is kind and cares for those in Africa.

Top Ten Worst Disasters in the World . Seriously! A large number of Haitians were also carriers of the virus, which were not named until 1982. In their initial 2010 fact-check, PolitiFact’s ruling was lengthy to the point where they even quoted multiple experts on what exactly the word apology means and compared Obama’s statements to apologies made by Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Antioch Earthquake (Syria and Turkey 526) - 250,000 dead, 5. Spreads hate with his tweets, and comments. 5. This list is retarded, So the man who gave Adolf the idea for the gas chambers is below an egotistical president.- today's dose of liberal logic, Ghenghis’s body count of About 40 million (2 times more than Stalin (20 million) and Hitler (8 million?)) Hitler brought order in the late 1920s and 1930's but he was a gambler and soon was brought to become a terrible, vile, cruel and brutal leader. (, Vailsburg Motordrome, two riders including, Mass panic at air raid shelter, during Japanese, Stampede in the central place of Nagpur (, Hearts of Oak vs. Kumasi Ashanti Kotoko football match crush (, Yingze Park lantern festival stampede disaster in, Guatemala and Costa Rica football match crush (, Jean Monthe Institute secondary school panic disaster, (, A tent fire after stampede, during local festival parade (. She does absolutely nothing for the fame she has just because she's a Kardashian. Stalin actually had another mass killing planed but he died so it couldn't be carried out. In reality he was far worse than anything you have ever seen in a movie. In fact, Chechnya is his private property. I'm all ready tired of hearing about their crappy show " Keeping Up With The Kardashians" 247.

People do not remember his excesses and evil. Clinton also faced disbarment before the U.S. Supreme Court, but he opted to resign from the court’s practice instead of facing any penalties. That is lowkey depressing. Chunchu suspension bridge collapse, Napalgunj, a seven-story apartment building collapsed at, At least 17 people are killed in a building collapse in, Wonderland Theatre collapse in Detroit, Michigan, 5 November 1898, La Tienda Amigo clothing outlet collapse in, Schlitz Brewing Company warehouse collapse in, Consumers Power Company building wall collapse in, Johanns Steamship Provisions Company building collapse in New York City, 1917, Television transmitting tower collapse in.