38 863-614-7505 • Currently more than 1,300 players who had previously participated at a Perfect Game event had played in Major League Baseball and 12,773 have been drafted with hundreds of thousands going on to play in college, 2021 season (August 15, 2020 - August 14, 2021), THE PROOF IS IN THE RESULTS. (813) 250-3883 The WWBA World Championship is the top scouting attraction in all of amateur baseball each year, and almost every top prospect in the country attends each year, along with 700+ MLB scouts and college coaches. PGAME scores reflect each player’s overall athletic ability. 36 863-808-9498 TH I guess after reading the rest of the comments that I'm not the only one disappointed and not listening to your station any more. 39 863-869-5177 F "By: Cindy on February 17, 2017, I agree with many others. Games of all tournaments will begin with 8AM games on the first date listed on a tournament unless otherwise noted. Where can I find available jobs within the Perfect Game organization? for their body type and athleticism. He's a vile stupid disgusting jerk. The only worse thing you could have done is to pick up Howard Stern. College basketball ILO Savage sucks. Best artists ever. Committee contact details . Don't get rid of Savage. 23 863-934-2938 I loved the old country music you were playing... --end--, 1 863-816-3883 Surprised us that you are AM. Laura will probably end up back on 860 WGUL, they carried her before 820 picked her up. My car radio is limited on what it can pick up. • 13 Perfect Game All-Americans were selected on the first day of the 2019 MLB Draft. More like sports station. Contact Us Now: Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Enter code * Search for: Search. 40 863-286-4546 If unable to attend an Annual General Meeting, you may appoint a proxy holder to attend, act and vote on your behalf. Now that you axed " The Laura Ingraham Show" and butchered "The Michael Savage Show" you've lost a loyal listener of several years. By: Mark N on February 14, 2017, Where is Laura Ingram???!! 18 863-618-5273 They will receive their coaches packet at their first game. I have been to Perfect Game tournaments. By: Walter Dworak on February 3, 2020, Love Bubba and BL shows. What did WWBA do to Chris? 6 863-557-9967 Every year since the beginning of the PG Series Classic in 2015, we have made vast improvements to the overall event along with the competition. Insurance can be purchased through Perfect Game's preferred provider, American Specialty. I am listening to 820 AM. Listen every day. What is a lightning delay and for how long does the delay last? WGSS Events Any suggestions? I've received an invitation in an email, how do I register? Used to listen daily, and now I won't turn on your station. Are there any talk show hosts willing to listen to my unusual story? That makes no sense. WWBA is owned by Genesis Communications. The BCS is PG’s metal bat division. 12 863-738-3836 T You can add your own comment to this channel by using the form below. Will they be able to hit during games? Westleigh Waterboard Alliance Limited . Even if he didn't have domestic violence against him he's still not worthy of your station people that listen to your station have a brain and they actually use it please bring Laura back. How does this obnoxious show survive on the airways? 18 858-537-7615 Most every game will be available in real time on DiamondKast. I do not listen to national talk junk. Membership. Per the Lee County Social Distancing and Facial Coverings guidelines being enforced at all Lee County Facilities, all players, coaches, officials, and spectators are strongly recommended to wear a mask and practice social distancing when outside in the complex, except when a player is on the field during a game/workout. All skill testing results will be updated to reflect the player’s Perfect Game Profile within a short time frame after the event is completed. I cannot now or in the future tune in to 820 which may not bother you however I hope the advertisers start realizing they can spend their dollars elsewhere. Please enter your details: Which events would you like to participate in? someone now taking God's name in vain in regards to Lumy? You have lost me as a listener. 9 863-934-0897 M Thank youBy: Jc Imfeld on March 7, 2017, Miss Laura, certainly won't listen to Bubba. Prospects will be divided into teams and full-length games (usually 10 innings) will be played to provide pitchers an opportunity to get in front of college coaches and scouts and give position players an opportunity to perform in game situations. You're gonna lose out for sure !By: Kim M on February 18, 2017, Well I have reached the end. Our goal is to streamline the check-in process so that fans can enjoy more time at the ball field. A little bit of 60's with Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Waylon, George Jones, etc. Values"!By: Rob on May 1, 2017, WHY did you get rid of Laura Ingraham??? Changing my presets in house and cars. What happened to Dana loesch ? By: Chris on March 22, 2017, I'm now listening to WWBA 820 am now that Laura Ingram is gone. But now it seems like WWBA is grabbing at wet straws. Good luck.By: Pat on February 26, 2017, Bubba is great. 40 863-299-6606 But here he is on your station for four hours every weekday, with interminable promos for his show throughout the day and night. 30 813-473-9984 17 863-206-1387 Next time Mr. whoever you are....do a more detailed investigation before you start placing responsibility on those who are subject to the whims of representatives who care nothing for the people of Florida. By: Ryan on March 1, 2017, Hello can you put Laura back on now that Bubba has some domestic violence against him a whole slew of people would appreciate it. Please do not expect coaches to give instruction on a fundamental level or throw batting practice before the games. Stupid move on your part.By: Paul G on April 11, 2018, By dropping Laura Ingram you have lost me as a listener. 48 863-602-9319 If it hasn't happened yet, it's coming. You folks realize she's nationally syndicated and you can listen to her show on your phone, right? * Phone. Hearing bubba? Since you no longer want her, and you also (for some reason) brought us Bubba, I will no longer be listening. We simply do not wish to listen to Bubba.