Robert Ludlum is a faithful practitioner of this with Russian names like Nikolai Yurievich Yurievich. Most of the victims' names are examples of this trope, as was L, whose real name is, "Claire Stanfield" is a perfectly normal woman's name. As it turns out, La Binnah is simply Hannibal spelled backwards but written to look as though it has a non-English name. It is not conclusive or proven that she did what they say she did, but the lives of her descendants have more people than not assuming it's true. There was also Kurohito, a guy born with stark white hair and fair blue eyes, whose name means "Black Man". The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers, who hail from Réndøosîa (a fiction Eastern European/Eurasian country) and speak in gibberish (e.g., "Groota Fizz", "Yazha" and "Jonka kriska navooti"). Second Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandaughter - Adelaide is Nesta and Octavian's second child and the second daughter to be born in eight generations. Many other names are completely made-up Japanese-looking nonsense. And Weldeschtein could be “Waldstein” which sounds enough like a German surname, or a rather believable Yiddish surname, though they probably weren’t meant to be Jewish with all the crosses around the place). Share. There's a minor Ukrainian character with the name of Aleksei Voskhod. The Breezies speak Swedish-sounding gibberish, which only Fluttershy can understand. During his imprisonment at Durmstrang, Armando came to know this girl, and proved to be a strong influence on her. 110. In the short story "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto, a boy is in his first French class on the first day of school and tries to impress the girl he likes by pretending he already knows some French. See also Foreign-Looking Font, Fictionary, Black Belt in Origami. Victor Spinetti had the possibly unique ability to do this with English in English language films. Rua! The problem is, Claire Stanfield is a. The hot dog fast food chain Wienerschnitzel (originally Der Wienerschnitzel) does not serve wiener schnitzel, a lightly battered and fried veal cutlet. The Renault Le Car, the North American incarnation of the European citymini Renault 5. And then there are the names Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs (Wahrheit means truth in German), Weldeschtein Krom Raggs (Krom means “furthermore” in Czech, but that’s probably not what they meant. El Aguila's cousin Migdalia is a surprising, The 2012 cartoon actually provides an explanation; Tang Shen, For that matter, Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki are this as well. In general, when a choir is used in a popular song (or a film score), the lyrics will be either gibberish or English sung/pronounced in such a way that it sounds foreign. The brand names Aquafina and Dasani were chosen by marketing firms to sound exotic without meaning anything in particular. There is an anti-semetic caricature used online by Neo-Nazis and the like named "Shlomo Shekelberg". And by "unavailable", we mean "in internment camps". At one point he says something along the lines of "Fortune cookie always wrong!" If you would like a scene with this character, please put in a +request. Maybe they got confused when they heard "de oro", which means "(made) of gold", and simply exchanged an "o" for an "a". Although defendants dispute the accuracy of these charges, even if true they simply do not advance plaintiff's case at all. GryffindorRavenclaw repeated utterances of "Ching chong 3PAC STYLE!" It's a slurred version of a popular children's lyric; "Eh cumpari, ci vo' sunari?" "Lali Est Paresseux" has accurate but largely nonsensical French lyrics, "Tsamina mina eh eh Waka Waka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa Anawa aa This time for Africa.". This trope is toyed with when Austin and his father converse in their native dialect (thick British accents) in order to have some privacy while discussing an important matter in public.